What a Whore!

So once again my douche bag boyfriend thought he was slick, and sent me a txt saying he would be staying late at work. Me being the cold hearted untrusting bitch that I am I decided to check up on him and went to his work. I can’t say where he works, but lets say when I got there after hours with his secretary missing from the front office and no one else there but him… I thought it be who of me to walk my ass back there quietly to his office and open the door. Needless to say when I opened the door there he was bent over with a Pony tail connected to a buttplug inserted in his ass with the secretary whores boot poking into his ass cheeks. I of course Flipped out and beat the bitches ass right in front of him and left him handcuffed in the office with a buttplug in his ass. The secretary ran out…. of course when his coworkers returned the next day he was a bit embarrassed about how he was found!

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